Virgin Coconut oil

Our first grade quality Organic Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil is a health supplement, natural cosmetic, superior cooking oil and potent herbal medicine all-in-one due to it containing the highest known source of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA’s) with more than > 50% lauric acid. Taken internally it has a light fresh taste and on the skin it has superior moisturizing properties with quick absorption.

Virgin Coconut Oil has been shown to have the following uses:

  • Boost energy levels and is useful in chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Prevents LDL cholesterol oxidation and inflammation in the arteries
  • Support the immune system and has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties
  • New research reveals a preventative role in Alzheimer’s Disease, Epilepsy and protection of the nervous system and brain from the effects of aging
  • Support thyroid function, raises metabolism & promotes weight loss
  • Help reduce hypoglycemic cravings & improves symptoms of digestive disorders
  • Promotes strong, dark hair (prevents greying) and has moisturizing and protective properties for the skin
  • Possesses a gastrointestinal & anti-inflammatory effect

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