Coconut Fibre

Coconut fibre is also widely used for various purposes across many industries. The commonly used name for coconut fiber is coir. Many products can be prepared with the coconut fiber. They are Coir Yarn, Coir Ropes, Coir Mats, Coir Tiles, Coir Rugs, Coir Belts for industries, Coir Mattings for Roof Surface Cooling, Acoustic Barriers, Coir Geotextiles, Cocologs, Coir fibre beds (Cocobeds), Coir Composite Boards, Coir Fenders, Plant Climbers or Coco poles (Gardening Coir Grow Stick), Coir Baskets, Coco Pots (Moulded Coir Pots), Coir Fibre Discs (Tree Cover), Coco Chips (Husk Chips), Coco Pith, Coir Pith as Briquettes, Coco Lawn and much more.

Other Products:
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